PGP Group of Institutions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Detailed instructions are given in the login page of the web payment as to the procedure to be followed in case of completed transaction and payment confirmation slip received and also failed transaction. Please follow the instruction carefully.

  2. Once “Pay Online” – option is selected you will be directed for payment through net banking or debit / credit card. You can choose the desired payment option and proceed.

  3. Once the payment is successful, you will get a payment confirmation slip and the student has to keep the same for reference.

  4. In case the payment is not successful due to any reason you will get a display on the status of failure in payment.

  5. In case none of the above two happens, and there is heavy delay in any response from the system – if you have not proceeded with payment and not given card detail particulars, you may proceed from the beginning again and start the payment process again.
  6. In case you have given all the debit / credit card details or net baking authorization for payment, and have not got any response, please check with your bankers or credit card company and see if your account is debited. If your bank account/cc is debited, please don`t make any attempt to pay again
  7. However, if your account is not debited in the bank, you have to make the payment and get payment successful confirmation.
  8. In any case, make a note of reference/transaction details in case of net banking or card payment
  9. If the transaction has FAILED for some reasons, you are REQUESTED TO WAIT for THREE DAYS before trying for payment again, , please contact accounts department for any discrepancy of online fee faced by you with reference to any of your transaction
  10. In any case, make a note of Reference/Transaction Details in case of Net banking or card payment.

Terms of Payment

1 Payment Gateway charges, service Tax and other taxes, will be collected from the parents only
2 In respect of any failed transactions of any of the Customers, processed through this service, the transaction failure charges payable if any to the Participating Banks, in respect.

Through Online

1. Ways to make fee payment

   i. Online Fee Payment by Net Banking / Visa / Master Credit / Debit Cards

2. Student/Parent has to enter the Roll Number ,

3. Click on “View Fee Dues” to get the details of the fee dues.

4. If payment is to be made online, Click on “Pay online” and you will be directed to online portal, wherein you have to select your mode of payment such as Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking . Kindly follow the instructions as applicable to your choice of payment.

5. Each transaction processing Charges:

   i . If you choose to pay through any internet banking transaction like Netbanking etc., an additional amount of Rs. 17 + Taxes shall be charged to your fee amount

   ii . If you choose pay through any credit card or debit card a charge of 1.10% + applicable taxes shall be payable. This amount will be automatically added in your fee due amount.

   iii . If there are any additional charges levied by your card vendor for this purpose, it will be an additional cost to be borne by you as applicable.