PGP Group of Institutions


As an institution involved in the early stages of industry’s talent management value chain, we at PGPCAS seek to work even more closely with the various organizations with which we develop partnerships in the domain of talent discovery and acquisition.

We welcome you for our current year's campus placement program, we reaffirm our appreciation to the organizational teams who have partnered with us in the past, and look forward to their continued support in the years to come. We also warmly welcome the many first-timers to the verdant ambience of the PGPCAS campus. In all cases we would like to have continuous engagement with the recruiting organizations for their feedback about PGPCAS. The feedback inputs are to flow back in to our curriculum design and delivery so that future PGPCAS campus well-positioned to meet the current and changing talent needs of the industry. Placement Cell facilitates Campus Placements for students in public and private organizations.